Manufacturers of Bespoke Power Screws

Power Screw Products

Kingston Engineering has been manufacturing Right Hand/Left Hand, single/multi-start, cut thread Power Transmission Screws and Nuts for over 60 years and currently offers a full range of thread forms suitable for mechanical power transmission, all conforming to British, European or American Standards.

Standard Screw Products

Manufactured from specially produced precision ground medium carbon steel similar to 080M40. Class of fit: – 3G Acme, Class 8e Trapezoidal.

All screws available from a minimum length and in steps of: – Acme -3 ft; Trapezoidal – 500mm, but let us know minimum length required and we will endeavour to supply with zero waste. Left and Right hand Screw Threads available.


We are continuing to support our customers with our precision engineering services during these challenging times. Due to effective planning, we have implemented measures to provide safeguards for business continuity.